How to make the most out of your wedding day and enjoy your honeymoon.

Yesterday my boss took us out to lunch and one of my co workers asked me about my wedding day. The conversation went a little something like this:
Him: "So, did you guys change your Facebook status to married right away?"
Me: *weird look on my face* "No! Why would i do that? haha"
Him: "I just went to a wedding this past weekend and during the day they were updating their Facebook status and updating their relationship status and I just thought that it was weird. Why are people on social media on their wedding day?"

And it really got me thinking...
While Joey and I were planning our wedding we decided we wanted to have minimal contact with Facebook the week before our wedding. We wanted to make the most of our wedding day. We wanted to soak the whole thing in and enjoy it...it's one day out of our lives and we really wanted to focus on just that and the covenants we were going to make that day.

SO how can you enjoy your wedding day and honeymoon to the fullest? Turn off your phone. Forget about changing your relationship status. Forget about thanking everyone for coming to your reception. Forget about posting pictures. 

You are about to have one of the greatest days of your life. Focus on your spouse. Talk about your feelings after the temple, spend it together imagining your future together. For goodness sake, stay off of Facebook. I promise, if you stay of off Facebook, Instagram, twitter, whatever, you will enjoy this special time with your loved one even more than you think possible. Leave the picture posting to others, to your photographer. Change your relationship status and thank everyone after you come back from your honeymoon. You won't be a recently marriage couple for long and those feelings you have that day as a newlywed won't last long. Share those feelings with him or her, not with everyone else. 

You can still take pictures of your honeymoon and of every single detail and post it when you get back from your honeymoon. But for goodness sake, I beg you, delete your Facebook and Instagram apps for a day. Enjoy your wedding day and your honeymoon with your eternal partner! 

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