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When I was engaged, I received a ton of unsolicited advice from people who know better because they have been married for a long time or whatever.

Here is a thing you may or may not know about me. I strongly dislike Mormon Culture. Love the church, it's true! But I don't want to be in the culture. I dont want to fit into the mold. So when we got engaged and we got told that we should have a 2 week engagement otherwise we were obviously going to break the law of Chastity, I was really excited to start planning my wedding and have it be nothing like all other Mormon weddings. Nothing wrong with Mormon weddings, I think all weddings are wonderful! I love them! But that wasn't my style and that wasn't Joey's style.

Both Joey and I are converts which means a lot of our family wasn't going to be going in the temple with us so we wanted to make sure we had a nice formal fun reception for them to enjoy. We planned something super simple, but at the same time pretty and enjoyable.

We had a full dinner, and we had dancing that lasted longer then 10 minutes. My reception actually ended at 11:30 PM which was too early in my opinion but probably a Mormon world record.

I was also told that my wedding reception shouldnt be longer than an hour. Okaaaay...I wasnt told, they were giving me more of that unsolicited advice, I am sure they meant well.

All I want to say is, do whatever you want. Plan your wedding to be as big or as small as you want to. Don't listen to people who tell you that you won't remember your reception, that it doesn't matter anyway. I don't really know why Mormons have a vendetta against wedding receptions anyway, why do we hate them so much? Why do we belittle them? I know that what happens in the temple is what is most important, but there is nothing wrong with wanting to have a huge party afterwards to celebrate the biggest commitment you just made. SRSLY.

I LOVED my reception. I loved that it lasted more than 2 hours. I love that everyone got to eat a whole meal. I love that everyone danced for more than 15 minutes. I love that we celebrated with our families such a joyous occasion. I honestly enjoyed my long reception. I mean, I have been waiting 7 years to marry Joey...what's a few more hours going to do? I wasnt in any type of hurry to leave.

If you are planning a wedding and feel as frustrated as I felt by everyone being annoying about your choices, just ignore them. In the end all that matters is that you married your best friend and that you have an awesome day. Joey and I had an awesome day surrounded by the people we love. We had a blast dancing and we had a great time planning it all. And if you don't care, that's cool too...just make sure to do what makes you happy.

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