We love Utah

 This past weekend Joey and I drove to Utah to take our engagement pictures. I know it seems like a long ways away but it was also a type mini vacation. We both were really in the need for a vacation and I'm glad we got to spend those few days together. 

Puppy barn is the most beautiful place ever. We had a hard time leaving and at one point Joey said "I just got paid. We can get one!" Hahaha

Joey and I had so much fun exploring salt lake. We went to the family history center and walked around temple square! At one point, we saw 4 weddings going on at the same time. Utah doesn't mess around. 

We stayed in lehi with the family of one of joeys mission companions and we had so much fun! We went to breakfast with them and dinner. They were super nice and welcoming. We went to thanksgiving point and did some fun things! 

And then we got a text from our photographer telling us that it was going to rain and that we should hurry and get to north salt lake so we got ready and hurried to get our pics taken and it was so fun! We had the best time! We got rained after but we had gotten some good pics. And then we all went to eat at a Brazilian restaurant and stuffed our faces. 

We will miss you Utah! Until next time. 


A message to everyone who thinks i spent too much money on my dog.

Warning. i'm about to rant.

It has recently come to my attention that people who have nothing to do with me think it's okay to give their opinion on whether I spent too much money on my dog.

To you people who think you have an opinion on the matter, let me tell you something:


How I spend my money is my problem. I chose to save my dogs life and it was ABSOLUTELY worth it. Even if I only get a couple more months with Toby, I will never ever regret the amount of money I spent on him. Because to me, his life is more valuable than all the things I could have bought with that money. Money is just that, money. It's absolutely worth less to me if I didnt do everything in my power to save my dog.

So if you think I spent too much money on my dog you should be happy to know that no one around here cares about your opinion because this is absolutely more important than stupid money.

I'll be cuddling with my dogs while you continue to be frustrated over my bank statement.


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