You'll Just....Know.

I found myself in a conversation with three married women and another single girl about how to know you have found your husband. It ultimately went like this...when you know...you know. 

I thought about that for a while. I have been with Joey since I was 17 and I had fallen in love with him pretty fast and knew since then that I wanted to marry him. But all relationships have their ups and downs and waiting for him while he was on his mission did a real number on my head once in a while. 

I remember that I was feeling particularly insecure that weekend. I can't remember why but I was feeling like that but not seeing your boyfriend for two years, no matter how long you have been together and how determined you are to make things works, is not very reassuring.

I kept thinking about the statement "when you know, you know" and I was so incredibly confused. Do I know? What does that even mean? Will I get some holy confirmation? Will a spotlight shine on Joey and tell me that he is the one? Probably not. 

The thought bothered me for as long as Joey had left on his mission. And then Joey came home, we clicked and just like that....I knew. 

I had always known, silly head.

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