Valentine's Day

I've always loved valentines day, even when I didn't get to spend it with Joey. This was actually our first valentines day in 5 years so it was really fun to finally get to spend it together! 

During the morning I made my brothers and Joe a crepe breakfast, which was delicious if I do say so myself. 

Then Joey took me on a car ride. He ended up taking me to the temple where we had a picnic. He made all the food himself and even bought the cool soda glass bottles. It was soooo fun.

Later that day we grabbed Mongolian BBQ and brought it to my house and watched Safe Haven. I fell asleep during the middle of it and apparently when Joey told  me to wake up I told him to "not tell me what to do" hahaha 

Overall we had a great day :) I can't wait for next year. :) 

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