Adios 2014!

My family, Joey and I agree that 2014 was the worst year ever. The only good things that came out of that horrible horrible year is that Joey came home and proposed. 2 family friend's deaths, thousands of dollars in debt not to mention the emotional roller coaster of Toby almost dying and then Jake getting super sick and the fear having to go through that again...just thinking about my whole year makes me want to cry. It hasn't been the best. 

But I am excited for the new year. I am hopeful because I know the Lord has blessed me a lot during my life and I know that trials are only temporary. All the pain we have felt this year will go away soon and it'll just be an unpleasant memory. 

I'm grateful for a new start. For the new opportunities God has given me.  For my family and my fiance who have been my biggest support this year.

So here's to a better year!

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