Toby came home a little over a week ago. I can't even begin to explain everything that has happened. It was a miracle. It's a miracle that he is here. Without God, Toby wouldn't be home with us.

The last week before he came home, on Tuesday, he looked so bad. He was not holding any of his red blood cells and he just looked like he couldn't go any longer. We were convinced we had to put him to sleep. All the doctors told us we needed a miracle, that we had done all we could but that at the point toby was at there were very few dogs that survived. I was heartbroken. 

We decided to give toby the last half of his 3rd blood transfusion but feeling in our heart that we did all we could and that his life was in Heavenly Father's hands. The next morning I woke up to a call from the doctor that his blood levels had gone up but barely, they were still not enthusiastic and we'd have to wait at least 24 hours to see if he held the blood. 

So we went in to visit toby at the hospital and he was a completely different dog. He was happy, he was alert, he was running around, he had the desire to eat. We were so confused and happy but we didn't want to get our hopes up just in case he didn't hold his blood for the 24 hours.

The next 24 hours toby held his red blood cell levels. The doctor called and said we could take him home then called 10 minutes later and said bringing him home that night would not be a good idea because he had just thrown up. So at 2 AM they tested his blood and the levels had gone down and at 6 am they had gone up again. The doctor explained that at night he uses more blood so it was normal. He finally held his blood for 24 hours and on that Friday night he came home. 

He has been going uphill since then. It's a desease he will live the rest of his life with but for now he is safe and I get to take care of him for a little bit longer.

I think the worst part about the whole thing is that the doctors ran every test and couldn't find what caused his immune system to start attacking his own body. He doesn't have cancer, he doesn't have anything. He is completely and absolutely healthy and it's scary to think that anything could have triggered it and it could trigger it again.

My testimony of prayer grew so much during this experience. I learned to trust God, I learned to trust in His plan. I felt so hopeless and he gave me peace. I learned that he listens to us, he listens to every prayer. He knows we hurt and he doesn't want us to hurt. He cares about everyone, even the life of my little dog Toby. He is a caring and loving Heavenly Father and I will thank him everyday for giving me a little more time with Toby. 

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