Happy Halloween!

Once again, I made my brother's Halloween costumes! It was super last minute and I was tired all week but I did it! Check them out!

Ash Ketchum! I made the vest and btw he won best costume. 

Link from the legend of Zelda! I made the tunic and hat.

I didn't make anything here but these were our Halloween costumes :) 

Best Weekend Ever.

So Joey and I had this trip to Santa Rosa planned for October 25th but it was supposed to rain and my mom counseled us against it. We waited until that morning and decided we would go anyway. 

We had such a fun drive talking and listening to music and just being with each other. 

I did not expect that Joey would ask me to marry him, especially since the day before he told me he was not going to ask for a long time (and actually seemed kind of mad that I was talking about it). Sneaky sneaky boy. 

Of course I said yes. It was a dream come true. So grateful I get to spend eternity with my sweetheart. 


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