2 years later.

After two years of serving the Lord, I am happy to announce that Joey made his way home on September 24th, 2014.

I had the busiest weekend and had no time to think about him coming home. It didn't really hit me until I saw him coming down the stairs in the airport. He was there. He was real. I teared up. And we both smiled at each other. 

He finally reached the end of the stairs and everyone went to hug him. One by one, I waited for my turn to welcome him home. As soon as his whole family got done welcoming him home, they opened a pathway for me and I ran to his arms we hugged for what seemed like forever. He whispered in my ear "we did it. I love you." 

There was a feeling of relief on my part. Things seemed to click back into place.

Then we went to lunch wth his whole family and I sat next to him. We talked and smiled at each other some more and talked in Spanish and laughed. I was so happy and I could tell he was too. It was like a dream come true. Was he real? I didn't feel like it. It was like I was dreaming. 

After lunch I went home to what seemed to be the longest hours of my life. He went to get released and then I went to his house to take him to my house to say hi to my family. We were there for a little and then we went to eat with his dad and uncle. 

After that Joey told me he wanted to take me somewhere special. So he took me to this really cool place where we could see all of our town and he took out his ukulele and started playing and singing a song he wrote for me. I started tearing up and we hugged some more.

Everything fell back into place. Everything felt absolutely right. It was like he had never left. All of the feelings were still there. Except we loved each other even more. 


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