Wrap Skirt

I've been dying to try making a wrap skirt for a while now; the other day I was having a bad day and walked into Joanns to find the prettiest linen fabric ever (What? you don't go buy yourself new fabric when you're having a bad day?). I knew what I was going to use it for and I knew this would be the inspiration I needed to get me sewing again.

I follow lots of fashion and sewing blogs for ideas and fun tutorials to try. I used this handy pleated skirt tutorial from C&C and I love how cute it turned out. It really is super easy to make. It looks super complicated, but it's not. And the best part is that you don't even need a zipper. Hallelujah! I hate zippers so much.

ps: sorry about the bone and doggy on the side haha i should really take better pictures. :)


  1. GURLLLL, so talented. Sewing is a dream of mine. Someday I'll have time. :)

    1. thanks! i know it's hard to find time to sew. this is the first time i sewed in like 3 months hhaha

  2. Well, that's slightly encouraging, in a weird way :)



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