If you follow along..

You may have noticed the lack of ties for Elder Ireland.
It's because Argentina no longer let's missionaries receive packages.

So I have focused all my attention on my etsy orders but I plan to catch up! I think I'm just going to make them and then give them to him when he comes back.

But seriously, how lame is it that I can't send him packages?

BTW, he never got my christmas package. and I sent him a package in February, he hasn't gotten that either.

I don't really like the Argentine Postal Service right now.



I am definitely one of those people who like to dress up their dogs. 
My brother had this shirt laying around that he will never wear because it's a v neck and he hates v necks, so I decided that some Lacoste doggy wear was in order. I think everyone should have a doggy clothes line, obviously.

Don't worry though, I wouldn't make my pomeranian wear a shirt during the summer so we will just save it for the winter (he gets really cold even though he has so much hair).



How cute does he look?!


Things that make me happy:

pay day makes me happy
ice cream makes me happy
new shoes.

Those are the things that make me happy right now.

Things that don't make me happy.:
Not blogging for over a month.
Not making anything for myself.
Going to work with one hand of painted fingernails and the other of not.

What makes you happy? And what should I blog about? I like have no time at all. All I do is work, sleep and sew for my orders.



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