6 More.

Okay, So I try to stay away from counting down as much as possible, but let's be real, who wouldn't be super excited for their boyfriend of 5.5 years to come back from his 2 year LDS mission? I definitely love that he is serving and don't want to be a distraction, but I still miss him and can't wait for him to be home.

So I am just going to sit back and say, Happy 6 More months until I see Joey Ireland's cute face again. I might even hug him or something.

TOTALLY freaking out right now.  :)

thumbs up, Elder Ireland, thumbs up.

Keep working hard. :)


  1. wow... 6 mths. that can go by in no time although I thought you meant 6 weeks or 6 days :( bummer.

    Guest Bloggers needed. If you feel you'll be a good canidate let me know asap. http://hotpinkowl02.blogspot.com/2014/03/guest-bloggers-needed.html

  2. Wow! 5.5 years?! That is insane!! You got this girl!! :)


  3. Less than 5 months now!! How crazy. Time will fly by!



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