Mustard Stripes - Finally a New Project.

How adorable is this dress?
I used a striped mustard knit fabric. The dress consists of a fitted bodice and a gathered skirt. The sleeves are a little longer than usual. I think it's super adorable. 

^it has pockets!^

Oh by the way, I didn't use a pattern.


Since This is the Month of Love

I thought you might want to read how this happened:

Read it HERE

I have to admit that I still feel the exact same way. Maybe I like him a little more. And if you know me that's kinda big because I am super picky with everything, what I eat, my friends and of course the person I plan on spending the rest of my life with. After almost 5.5 years I can honestly say I'm still not tired of him. If anything I love him more than I did when we first started dating.

And that's true love right?
Here's to the last ever Valentine's Day without my sweetheart.


Favorite Crafts of the Week: Valentine's Day Edition

Oh Valentine's Day!
I have always loved Valentine's Day!

And this is officially my last Valentine's Day without my boyfriend!
I am freaking out.
It's like 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1....

But, this Valentine's Day I am dateless, and I am okay with that. So I'm going to spend the day making crafts for my future home, you can join me if you want.

Here's a few of my favorite Valentine's Day crafts :)


February Necktie

Since this month is the month of loooove, I wanted to send Joey this super cute polka dot red necktie. He's going to look way cute in it :)

We decided long ago that we would only get each other a stuffed animal for Valentine's Day and since we are both big stuffed animal lovers, it works for us. So he asked me for a stuffed animal of his favorite Pokemon for his birthday, so I am going to buy something and keep it until he comes home because he really doesn't need anything else over there.


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