This Week's Favorite DIY + My Newest Netflix Obsession

Here's a little something I thought I'd start, because you know you love more craft ideas to put on your pinterest to do list right?

Here are some of my favorite DIY ideas this week, I am DYING to try all of these!

First of all, I have like this weird obsession with Mason Jars, I don't know why I love them so much! I have been dying to paint some mason jars lately, too, so I am loving that mercury glass tute. 

Now to my latest Netflix obsession.
Gossip Girl,
yes, yes.
I have been watching it non stop and I seriously love it.
How did I not get into this show when it was on TV?
I thought it was kinda of a dumb show after I had watched one or two episodes, but now I am seriously hooked!
I just want Dan and Serena to get married. No one tell me what happens! I will probably be done with the whole series by next week :P

Oh and have you seen the Carrie Diaries? I was obsessed with that too, I watched the whole first season one netflix in like 2 nights and then found out the second season had just started up again. I love TV.

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