Under Construction

If I had mad photo shop skills I would insert a picture of Toby with a hardhat or something.

Anyway, as you can tell, I have a new header. Isn't it adorable?
The adorable and oh so talented Hunter Kofford has agreed to do some remodeling around here.
I am so grateful for her willingness to do this for me. She's very talented and I am so glad I reached out to her because she is doing exactly what I want. Seriously, If you need some blog design you should go to her :)

Here's a picture of when I skyped Joey on Christmas to make you (me) happy.


Winter Blues

This past week has been extremely exhausting. I have a new position at work that requires me to be there at 8 am and leave at 5 pm which I've never done and it's just extremely exhausting.

When I get there it's super cold and I'm freezing until about 12 when the sun has come out and it's super warm. And then when I go home it starts to get chilly.

I don't really get this weather. It's January and it's warm. That shouldn't be happening. I don't like it at all.

But why winter blues? I miss Joey terribly. 

For the past 3 years (now 4) we haven't spent winter together. And it's really getting to me that I have very few memories with him. I'm just done with the waiting. I've been waiting for over 5 years and the thought of having to wait 8 more months really stresses me out. My heart longs for him. I miss him terribly. I'm not saying that I'm not going to wait for him, nor am I going to transfer my frustration to our weekly email or letters. I just wish I didn't have to wait any longer.

I have all these ideas of what couples should do during the winter like go ice skating and cuddling and drinking hot cocoa cause it should be cold, but it's not happening, it's never happened. I don't think my head and my heart realize this.

My heart longs for a steady non-long distance relationship. For a boy I can hug when I want. For car rides and singing and being silly with a boy I love.

But my heart only longs for Joey, and my heart won't settle for anything less, because to me, he is the best. 

And honestly, after writing this I feel a lot better. Now I'm debating on whether or not I will post this. I'll sleep on it. 


Happy Birthday Elder Ireland!

You thought I forgot about you?
The big 21!
Crazy. To think I met Joey when he was 14 and on Monday he will be 21. I've known him for so long.

I totally failed to post his January Tie This month so here it is, Elder Ireland's January Tie complete with a heart on the back wishing him a HB.

I figured I would save all the gift giving when he is home in EIGHT MONTHS! what?!
Time is going by so fast!

Walter Mitty

I watched Walter Mitty on Tuesday and since then I haven't been able to shake this inexplicable desire to get on a plane and go somewhere else. I love being home, I'm not particularly fond of California, but I love home and i just need something new.

When I was living in hawaii, I was on a plane every 3 months, and even though that was annoying and exhausting, I loved it. I loved being an expert at whole boarding a plane process. I loved being on a plane. I loved coming home and seeing the San Francisco lights and knowing my family was waiting for me down there. I loved going back home and seeing the beautiful island from my plane window and knowing that I'd be back where I belonged, where I fit in, where I was on my own. 

I miss traveling. 

So I made a goal, to never give up an opportunity for adventure. It might not be to realistic right now as I am working and saving, but I will do it, I'm going to travel and learn new things. I don't want to be one of those people who never leave their comfort zone and are so ignorant to the outside world. There's so much adventure out there. If you haven't seen the movie, just go watch it. It made me feel really happy and inspired and I can't shake the feeling that I need to discover new places. 


Spring To-Sew List.

Okay, let's get real. Even though I live in "sunny" California, I am still freezing my butt off. Whoever said it's always summer in California, didn't live in Northern California. I'm ready for Spring and even Summer.

So I have compiled a To-Sew list which includes things I want to do, and things I have already done but will count them as part of this list so I can feel better about myself.


Stay tuned! I'm going to be making all these items with some changes and personal twists :)


The cutest little suspenders I ever did see

So I'm really excited about these suspenders. When I took the order I was a little nervous thinking that it wouldn't work out, but it worked out just fine. It's super cute. The order is for a 2 year old and for a wedding, I believe. 

Bow ties are available on the shop and I kinda want to see how it works. I'm thinking about doing suspenders too but I'm not too sure. If anyone wants suspenders hit me up on etsy. I'll probably make them for little guys one and they will cost about $17. They are a huge pain to make and the clips are a little expensive. So yeah. Woo. 


This Week's Favorite DIY + My Newest Netflix Obsession

Here's a little something I thought I'd start, because you know you love more craft ideas to put on your pinterest to do list right?

Here are some of my favorite DIY ideas this week, I am DYING to try all of these!

First of all, I have like this weird obsession with Mason Jars, I don't know why I love them so much! I have been dying to paint some mason jars lately, too, so I am loving that mercury glass tute. 

Now to my latest Netflix obsession.
Gossip Girl,
yes, yes.
I have been watching it non stop and I seriously love it.
How did I not get into this show when it was on TV?
I thought it was kinda of a dumb show after I had watched one or two episodes, but now I am seriously hooked!
I just want Dan and Serena to get married. No one tell me what happens! I will probably be done with the whole series by next week :P

Oh and have you seen the Carrie Diaries? I was obsessed with that too, I watched the whole first season one netflix in like 2 nights and then found out the second season had just started up again. I love TV.


2013 Inventory

Alright, I have made a lot of things this past year, some I wear, and some I don't.
Let's see which outfits made the cut:

Yep, Only 3 that I constantly wear. And I've kinda stopped wearing the pink skirt now that it's winter.

Here's to a year where I can make more pieces that I really love and keep wearing said pieces throughout the year.


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