Toby came home a little over a week ago. I can't even begin to explain everything that has happened. It was a miracle. It's a miracle that he is here. Without God, Toby wouldn't be home with us.

The last week before he came home, on Tuesday, he looked so bad. He was not holding any of his red blood cells and he just looked like he couldn't go any longer. We were convinced we had to put him to sleep. All the doctors told us we needed a miracle, that we had done all we could but that at the point toby was at there were very few dogs that survived. I was heartbroken. 

We decided to give toby the last half of his 3rd blood transfusion but feeling in our heart that we did all we could and that his life was in Heavenly Father's hands. The next morning I woke up to a call from the doctor that his blood levels had gone up but barely, they were still not enthusiastic and we'd have to wait at least 24 hours to see if he held the blood. 

So we went in to visit toby at the hospital and he was a completely different dog. He was happy, he was alert, he was running around, he had the desire to eat. We were so confused and happy but we didn't want to get our hopes up just in case he didn't hold his blood for the 24 hours.

The next 24 hours toby held his red blood cell levels. The doctor called and said we could take him home then called 10 minutes later and said bringing him home that night would not be a good idea because he had just thrown up. So at 2 AM they tested his blood and the levels had gone down and at 6 am they had gone up again. The doctor explained that at night he uses more blood so it was normal. He finally held his blood for 24 hours and on that Friday night he came home. 

He has been going uphill since then. It's a desease he will live the rest of his life with but for now he is safe and I get to take care of him for a little bit longer.

I think the worst part about the whole thing is that the doctors ran every test and couldn't find what caused his immune system to start attacking his own body. He doesn't have cancer, he doesn't have anything. He is completely and absolutely healthy and it's scary to think that anything could have triggered it and it could trigger it again.

My testimony of prayer grew so much during this experience. I learned to trust God, I learned to trust in His plan. I felt so hopeless and he gave me peace. I learned that he listens to us, he listens to every prayer. He knows we hurt and he doesn't want us to hurt. He cares about everyone, even the life of my little dog Toby. He is a caring and loving Heavenly Father and I will thank him everyday for giving me a little more time with Toby. 


Help Toby

This week has been very very hard.
If you have been following for a while then you know about my dog Toby. We adopted him last year and has been living a happy life with my family since.

Toby got sick 2 mondays ago out of absolutely no where. He has always been very healthy and happy so we were confused when the doctors told me he had a 50% chance of dying. Every doctor told me the prognosis for this decease was bad. Toby has a decease called Immune-Mediated Hemolytic Anemia.

I have been an emotional mess to say the least. Toby is my baby, he is my partner, we were planning on taking him with us when Joey and I got married. Toby and I have been so close and I have come to love him so much. My heart breaks at the thought of losing him. 

I have been praying to my Father in Heaven and now feel at peace with this situation and know that no matter what happens, Toby will be okay, he will always be mine and I will see him again some day. But that doesn't mean it will be any less hard on us.

We don't know if he will come home, but if he does or doesn't we are left with an awful vet bill. My family has already paid as much as they can and I have used all of my wedding savings to help cure Toby, but nothing matters as long as we know we have done everything possible to save his life. 

This is where I ask for your help.
This is the time for giving, the time for loving.

If you feel inclined to do so, we would appreciate a donation to help with Toby's health bills. Anything helps and if you just want to let us borrow money, we will pay you back. We would truly appreciate it if you shared this with your friends and spread the word, we really do need help.

We know that some people may see him a just a dog, but to me he is more than that. He's my baby and I don't want to lose him.

If you can help, please donate HERE.

Thank you for even reading this. We would really appreciate your prayers.


Happy Halloween!

Once again, I made my brother's Halloween costumes! It was super last minute and I was tired all week but I did it! Check them out!

Ash Ketchum! I made the vest and btw he won best costume. 

Link from the legend of Zelda! I made the tunic and hat.

I didn't make anything here but these were our Halloween costumes :) 

Best Weekend Ever.

So Joey and I had this trip to Santa Rosa planned for October 25th but it was supposed to rain and my mom counseled us against it. We waited until that morning and decided we would go anyway. 

We had such a fun drive talking and listening to music and just being with each other. 

I did not expect that Joey would ask me to marry him, especially since the day before he told me he was not going to ask for a long time (and actually seemed kind of mad that I was talking about it). Sneaky sneaky boy. 

Of course I said yes. It was a dream come true. So grateful I get to spend eternity with my sweetheart. 


2 years later.

After two years of serving the Lord, I am happy to announce that Joey made his way home on September 24th, 2014.

I had the busiest weekend and had no time to think about him coming home. It didn't really hit me until I saw him coming down the stairs in the airport. He was there. He was real. I teared up. And we both smiled at each other. 

He finally reached the end of the stairs and everyone went to hug him. One by one, I waited for my turn to welcome him home. As soon as his whole family got done welcoming him home, they opened a pathway for me and I ran to his arms we hugged for what seemed like forever. He whispered in my ear "we did it. I love you." 

There was a feeling of relief on my part. Things seemed to click back into place.

Then we went to lunch wth his whole family and I sat next to him. We talked and smiled at each other some more and talked in Spanish and laughed. I was so happy and I could tell he was too. It was like a dream come true. Was he real? I didn't feel like it. It was like I was dreaming. 

After lunch I went home to what seemed to be the longest hours of my life. He went to get released and then I went to his house to take him to my house to say hi to my family. We were there for a little and then we went to eat with his dad and uncle. 

After that Joey told me he wanted to take me somewhere special. So he took me to this really cool place where we could see all of our town and he took out his ukulele and started playing and singing a song he wrote for me. I started tearing up and we hugged some more.

Everything fell back into place. Everything felt absolutely right. It was like he had never left. All of the feelings were still there. Except we loved each other even more. 


Some Pre Waiting Advice

I don't really think I am the most qualified person to tell you how to prepare for waiting, but I wrote this anyway. Here is a list of things I wish I would have known or done before I started waiting. So here you go: Again, these are not meant to insult anyone so if any of these do, sorry! Go ahead and feel free to add some of your tips too if you'd like:)

1. It's okay to cry, it's okay to be upset. Yes, he is doing a great thing, but that doesn't mean it doesn't hurt. It will hurt, but you'll be okay...in the mean time, let those tears out. Don't hold it in. I am a strong believer that crying is good for you.

2. Seek for support. If your roommate or parents aren't supportive of your decision to wait, you can join this awesome group. I am a member of it and it is by far the least judgmental out of all the groups. It is based on love and it is full of girls at different stages of their wait, but they are all there for you to cry with you or to celebrate each milestone.

3. Turn to God. I know it seems like super standard type of advice, but we often forget that Jesus sacrificed himself for us and that he feels the pain we are feeling. This is a real trial, no matter what anyone says, turn to Heavenly Father when the days get hard.

4. Trust in God. It's okay if you don't end up with your missionary. That doesn't make you a failure or a part of a statistic. If you are constantly counseling with the Lord and He tells you that you should walk down another path, then it's okay to let go.

5. Make plans during the first few weeks he is gone. Specially during the first weeks he is gone. The day Joey left I went to a birthday party and surrounded myself by my best friends. The Friday after I went to a concert and then after that I went to a Kahuku football game. Why? To keep my mind off thinking about him being gone. Staying home and crying for the first few weeks is not healthy and you should not do it. It's okay to make plans and go out and have fun with your friends. It will make the time go by faster, I promise.

6. Don't expect to hear from him during the first week. Joey didn't email me until the second week and I didn't get a letter until he third week and I've also heard about a lot of girls that don't get emails during the first week their missionary is out. Sometimes they are only allowed to email their family and that's okay. Don't panic. I waited a long time for my letters and email and it was well worth it. :)

7. Don't expect a phone call from the airport either. All the girls seem to always get phone calls and we get so excited thinking we will get one too and then we don't and our whole day is ruined. You really shouldn't be expecting a phone call from the airport, I don't really know how it works but for Joey it was against the rules and I was okay with not talking to him. If he is not allowed to call you when he is at the airport from the MTC to wherever he was called to, find comfort in knowing that he is an obedient missionary. I always find comfort in that because I know that obedience is going to make him a better man.

8. It's okay if you aren't super crafty and can't make awesome themed packages. Have you looked up missionary package ideas on pinterest? It is full of great ideas for packages. All of these are nicely packaged and it looks super good. It looks like someone put a lot of effort into them and sometimes it can leave you feeling like you aren't doing enough. I am here to tell you that if you aren't craft, it's okay. Your missionary will love the package just the same. I still admire all the girls that are able to make their packages look good, but I just never could do it. haha

9. Set goals. Before he leaves, set goals, both spiritual and temporal. If you want to go abroad, now is your time, if you want to do something completely different, now is the time. This is the time for you to grow temporally and spiritually. Make goals to read the scriptures, to magnify your callings or to server more.

10. Waiting is hard, kids. It doesn't matter what anyone tells you, waiting is hard. It will always be hard. During the next two years you are going to have a lot of ups and downs, you are going to meet people who will change your life, and so will he. You are going to hurt and smile and forget and then remember all over again. It is a very emotional process, it is hard. But whatever path you take, Heavenly Father is going to be there to support you. Whether you make it through the 2 years or whether you find your happily ever after somewhere else, you're going to be making hard decisions. Don't let anyone tell you otherwise. You are a strong daughter of God and He loves you and you can do anything.


Doggy Tales Special Edition: 5

Happiest of birthdays to my sweet baby Jake! I can't believe you are already 5. I wish time would just stop so you wouldn't get any older because I don't want you to ever go away. I love you Jake <3 


Waiting for a Missionary: Things I've learned

As of today, Joey has 2 months left on the mission. Time feels like it has gone by way too fast but I am ready to see him and catch up. During these last 22 months of waiting, I have learned a lot of lessons, waiting is hard and there are things you can do that will make time go by fast and others that will make time drag. I wanted to share these tips with the hope that it will help someone who is just starting out. None of these are meant to offend anyone, so I hope it doesn't! I have much love and understanding for the girls that wait differently than I have, but these are the items, and mindset, that have helped me through the wait. So here are my tips/advice:

1. Stop counting. We are all guilty of doing it, even me, but from my experience I can tell you that counting doesn't really make you feel any better, if anything it just makes the days drag on. So put your chart away for a month or two, delete that countdown app on your phone and you'll see how much faster the days will go by.

2. Don't get depressed if you didn't receive a letter. I know it's hard - I haven't received a letter in a long time, but the reason he isn't writing is not because he doesn't love you anymore, it's because he is busy doing missionary work. Continue writing him and encouraging him and know that he loves you but right now you are not his number one priority. Find comfort in knowing that he is a hard working missionary.

3. Don't listen to waiter-haters. It's hard to put aside hurtful comments about your relationship; you're already feeling insecure, the stranger who just told you you weren't going to make it isn't really helping. Just don't listen, stand up for yourself if possible and let them know that they don't know your relationship and you don't appreciate their unsolicited advice.

4. It's okay if toward the end you start feeling numb. I see a lot of girls post about how their feelings for their missionary are different than they were before. And this is okay. This happened to me for the longest time and I was stressing out thinking that I didn't feel the same for Joey anymore, but then you remember that you have a wonderful man serving the Lord and that it won't be long until you have him back again and your heart starts beating faster and you remember those feelings again. It's completely normal for long distance relationships and doesn't mean that you are betraying him or should Dear John him.

5. Date or don't date while he is out, just don't criticize others for it. I haven't dated anyone while Joey has been on his mission and I know plenty of girls who haven't and other who have. We all have our different reason to do what we do and we shouldn't be looking down on other girls for it. If you feel like you need to date, that's a decision between you and Heavenly Father (notice I didn't say you missionary, he may have a say but he ultimately can't control your decision).

6. Don't compare your relationship. I have done this so many times and I know you have too. "oh my gosh she gets so many letters, packages, voice recorders, blah blah blah." Comparing our relationships can be so easy to do, we feel a feeling of unfullfilness and unhappiness seeing that our missionary isn't doing all the same things for us. All relationships are different, everyone shows affection and love in different ways. Be happy with the person you are with and love YOUR relationship. You'll be 100 times happier.

7. Distraction is subjective kids. I wrote about that here.

8. Your life is your life, so live it. I see so many girls that stay in their room and cry and are so sad that their missionary is gone. We all need a good cry once in a while, but if you are cancelling plans with friends and staying home watching the Notebook over and over, then that's not healthy. I promise that once you hang out with friends or do something fun for yourself, time will start to speed up. He is not your life, you are young, it's time for you to make mistakes, travel, learn, grow and have fun.

9. Don't take crap from your future in laws. I see so many girls that have problems with their future in laws complaining about how rude and mean and hurtful they are... and then they do absolutely nothing about it. We are all adults here, it doesn't matter if you are 18 and your missionary's mom is 45, you deserve respect from her and vice versa. Stand up for yourself with respect, but do it. If you don't, you're going to be stuck with someone who makes your life hell for the rest of your life.

10. Keep supporting your missionary. I see so many great girls on the missionary girlfriend groups I am a member of, that support and love their missionaries. Girls that sacrifice their relationship so that their men can serve the Lord and others. I am humbled by the stories of struggle and love. We all struggle, waiting isn't easy and though many criticize it, many of us have received confirmation from Heavenly Father that this is the right path to take. Encourage your missionaries to work hard, follow the rules and love the people he is serving. You both will be happier.

If you have any other tips please feel free to share! These past 22 months have been a weird roller coaster of emotions, but they have been very well worth it. I am glad I am waiting for Joey and I am excited to see what happens next. :)


Wrap Skirt

I've been dying to try making a wrap skirt for a while now; the other day I was having a bad day and walked into Joanns to find the prettiest linen fabric ever (What? you don't go buy yourself new fabric when you're having a bad day?). I knew what I was going to use it for and I knew this would be the inspiration I needed to get me sewing again.

I follow lots of fashion and sewing blogs for ideas and fun tutorials to try. I used this handy pleated skirt tutorial from C&C and I love how cute it turned out. It really is super easy to make. It looks super complicated, but it's not. And the best part is that you don't even need a zipper. Hallelujah! I hate zippers so much.

ps: sorry about the bone and doggy on the side haha i should really take better pictures. :)


Doggy Tales

Hi guys, I'm starting this new thing on my blog called Doggy Tales where I basically do all sorts of doggy related stuff.

This section will just be about random doggy stuff, like about our fun adventures or a fun project or DIY post. Who knows! I plan to hopefully do this once a week but we will see. 
I also need to change the name of my blog, I won't be posting just about sewing anymore so any ideas for blog names are welcome.

To start off, let me introduce you to the stars of the show...Jake and Toby!

Jake is a 4 year old Pomeranian and Toby is a 2 year told Rat Terrier mix.

Jake was a gift from my boyfriend for our 1st year anniversary. He enjoys sleeping, barking at everything and eating lettuce.

Toby was adopted a little over a year ago. He enjoys cuddling, sitting for treats and terrorizing small children.

guys, this is happening. and yes, you can call me that crazy dog lady...i don't mind at all ;)


Monterey Bay Aquarium = the biggest disappointment of my short life.

I don't understand what the big whoop about this place is. I guess it's cool but it's definitely not $40 per person worth. The only reason we went is because we won free tickets last year and they expired at the end of this month. Regardless, it was fun to go on a sibling trip and to drive the blackberry (my car; I changed its name) for 8 hours singing along to our favorite tunes.


If you follow along..

You may have noticed the lack of ties for Elder Ireland.
It's because Argentina no longer let's missionaries receive packages.

So I have focused all my attention on my etsy orders but I plan to catch up! I think I'm just going to make them and then give them to him when he comes back.

But seriously, how lame is it that I can't send him packages?

BTW, he never got my christmas package. and I sent him a package in February, he hasn't gotten that either.

I don't really like the Argentine Postal Service right now.



I am definitely one of those people who like to dress up their dogs. 
My brother had this shirt laying around that he will never wear because it's a v neck and he hates v necks, so I decided that some Lacoste doggy wear was in order. I think everyone should have a doggy clothes line, obviously.

Don't worry though, I wouldn't make my pomeranian wear a shirt during the summer so we will just save it for the winter (he gets really cold even though he has so much hair).



How cute does he look?!


Things that make me happy:

pay day makes me happy
ice cream makes me happy
new shoes.

Those are the things that make me happy right now.

Things that don't make me happy.:
Not blogging for over a month.
Not making anything for myself.
Going to work with one hand of painted fingernails and the other of not.

What makes you happy? And what should I blog about? I like have no time at all. All I do is work, sleep and sew for my orders.



6 More.

Okay, So I try to stay away from counting down as much as possible, but let's be real, who wouldn't be super excited for their boyfriend of 5.5 years to come back from his 2 year LDS mission? I definitely love that he is serving and don't want to be a distraction, but I still miss him and can't wait for him to be home.

So I am just going to sit back and say, Happy 6 More months until I see Joey Ireland's cute face again. I might even hug him or something.

TOTALLY freaking out right now.  :)

thumbs up, Elder Ireland, thumbs up.

Keep working hard. :)


Distraction is Subjective.

I have a friend who always tells me that everything is subjective. When I complained about one of my many housemates breaking my cup and how the decent thing was for her to pay for it, he said that that was subjective. She never paid for it, I never liked her anyway. And he was right, she didn't have to pay for it, it's just what I would have done because I am that kind of person.

Waiting for a missionary, you hear a lot of people preach to you that you shouldn't distract the missionary. In fact, some people consider a missionary having a girl back home a huge distraction. There are SO many times I have heard people say how the missionaries with girls back home are the laziest missionaries, and every time I hear that it boils my blood because Elder Ireland has a girl waiting for him at home and he is the complete opposite of lazy.

I am a member of a Facebook group filled with girls and boys waiting for missionaries; once in a while a girl likes to preach to everyone how we shouldn't tell our boys we love them or be too lovey because we are distracting them. Or a girl posts something that she was going to send her missionary but someone told her that that would distract him so now she isn't sure if she should send this anymore.

I am here to tell you a concept that a lot of people don't seem to grasp.

Distraction is subjective.

Just because it distracts your missionary friend, or because you were companions with a missionary who had a girl and he happened to not be taking his mission seriously, doesn't mean that other missionaries are going to get distracted or be lazy.

Don't generalize. We are not all the same.

You know what distracts me? Watching Spongebob, or dresses, or fabric. Does that distract you? Probably not.

So does that mean that you have to go preach to the world that someone's actions distract all missionaries?

A while back, a girl posted on her Facebook how excited she was because she had so many more months left of her wait and this guy straight up went on about how she needed to stop counting down, she was distracting him.

She didn't take it and I butted in. Nothing makes me more angry then people who think that because we count down we are sending our missionaries letters that say "OMG 324 days left, I can't wait until you are home!" No. And even if I did, maybe that motivates my missionary, maybe it doesn't distract him. Distraction is subjective, so you can't tell me what distracts someone else will distract my missionary too.

If you are being told by someone who doesn't know you or your missionary or your relationship with your missionary that you are distracting him and you become confused, the best thing to do is to ask him straight up if you are being a distraction.

I asked Elder Ireland if I was being a distraction and if I should stop saying "I love you." He told me that when I tell him that I love you, I motivate him to work harder and to be more obedient because he knows he has a girl waiting for him and that our future family will be blessed by his obedience and dedication.

I also know of some girls who's missionary would rather than stay away from using that phrase during the two years they are out serving the Lord.

Whatever it may be, distraction is subjective. It always will be, it always has been.

If you are unsure what your missionary friend feels comfortable with, ask him and he will let you know what you can do to help him magnify his calling. After all, our role as missionary friends/girlfriends is to support our boys and to help them become the men Heavenly Father wants them to be. We can do this by helping them be obedient and by emotionally supporting them during this very exciting and trying time.


I Woke Up In A Car

February 2, 2014.
I made my way to the car dealers
Test drove a 2014 Chevy Spark, black.
After hours and hours and HOURS of paper work I drove that car home.

Its name is Black Zapdos.
I also said goodbye to Cindy (Cyndaquil). 
My (Joey's originally) old car.
It was having too many problems, a new car was the right option.
I LOVE my car.
I'll give you a ride in it sometime if you want!


I Won't Cry for you, Argentina.

Oh Hi friends!
it's been a while.
So I recently found out that Argentina missions will no longer allow missionaries to receive packages from international countries.

which means I don't get to send Joey's last 6 neckties. Which means I don't get to keep my promise to Joey.

Such a bummer guys! SUCH a bummer. But by the title of my post you can totally tell I am not bitter right?
I guess I am a little upset, not at the mission- I totally get it. Just at governments and countries and life. I guess I will give Joey's neckties to him when he gets home. But it won't be as fun because he'll only wear them on Sundays.

So I guess I am wondering what do they exactly mean by packages. Do they mean I can't send an envelope with a necktie inside that weighs like 4 ounces and costs $5 to send? If anyone is going through/has gone through this experience I would really appreciate some info! I would very much like to send Joey's last 6 neckties.


March Tie

Joey's March Necktie keeps with the theme of St Patrick's Day. Want one for your missionary? They are on Sale at my shop. :)


Mustard Stripes - Finally a New Project.

How adorable is this dress?
I used a striped mustard knit fabric. The dress consists of a fitted bodice and a gathered skirt. The sleeves are a little longer than usual. I think it's super adorable. 

^it has pockets!^

Oh by the way, I didn't use a pattern.


Since This is the Month of Love

I thought you might want to read how this happened:

Read it HERE

I have to admit that I still feel the exact same way. Maybe I like him a little more. And if you know me that's kinda big because I am super picky with everything, what I eat, my friends and of course the person I plan on spending the rest of my life with. After almost 5.5 years I can honestly say I'm still not tired of him. If anything I love him more than I did when we first started dating.

And that's true love right?
Here's to the last ever Valentine's Day without my sweetheart.


Favorite Crafts of the Week: Valentine's Day Edition

Oh Valentine's Day!
I have always loved Valentine's Day!

And this is officially my last Valentine's Day without my boyfriend!
I am freaking out.
It's like 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1....

But, this Valentine's Day I am dateless, and I am okay with that. So I'm going to spend the day making crafts for my future home, you can join me if you want.

Here's a few of my favorite Valentine's Day crafts :)


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