Nostalgia, Swing Dancing and the Temple.

A year ago I shook hands with my BFF Elder Bednar and graduated from Brigham Young University Hawaii with my BA in poli sci. :) I can't say enough good things about that place. 

This week I had my ballroom dance final (I was taking a dance class at the local college) and danced the east coast swing. It was really fun :) my partner, Al is really good! I got lucky in having him as a partner. He's cool.

And then yesterday, we went to the temple and met up with Tiffany! It was awesome to see the Oakland temple and to see tiff. We had a lot of fun! 

This week I also went to two choir concerts and a school play. It was so busy. And we say an old missionary friend. But it was fun. One more week and my brothers will be on break and then all the Christmas craziness will start. :) 


Happy December!

I am really happy to announce that it's December and that I've never been happier! 
This month is going to be filled with resume fixing and personal statement writing. Blah
At least it's Christmas, my brother's and mom's birthday is this month.

Here is elder Ireland's December tie. I actually made him 2 neckties. This one and another one for him and his companion but I forgot to take a picture of that one so whateves. 

What did you send your missionary for Christmas? I'd love to see some blogs full with ideas. :) 


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