All I want for Christmas is...


I might actually have a shopping problem.
When I was at BYUH, my roommate and I would go to Honolulu and Waikiki every weekend and just went shopping. It was kind of crazy. And I kind of loved it.
When I came home I didn't really have a job for the first six months, aside from my stuff from etsy so I didn't go shopping at all. But now that I have a job, I feel the need to buy more and more stuff than ever. So let me give you a list of things I want to buy for myself and for everyone at my house (because I usually do pick up stuff for my brothers or dogs, or whatever when I go shopping)

For the Men in my life (brothers, dad, missionary boyfriend)

1. I love finding super cool neckties for my brothers, I just bought them these but I figured I'd buy one for Joey for when he comes home.
2. I just want my brothers to wear this tie. It's so cool 
3. I've been eyeing this knitted necktie for a while. I made Joey one a long time ago. I think anyone would like this.
3. Classy Pocket watch for the classy guy in you life.
4. Who doesn't love a funny Tee? This is perfect for my little brother.
5. Finally, a tie clip. personalized. 

For the Dogs (Cause my dogs are pretty much my furry little children)

1. Super cute cookie cutter with your pets name on it. I need 2.
2. I am actually making my dogs little doggy stockings. These are cute though.
 3. Pretty much everything from Petsmart.

For me, or for my Mom

1. I just love mugs and the color mint. There's something about mugs that say "hey, get some hot cocoa and a blanket and snuggle on the couch." 
2. I want one that says M <3 J
3. Because I will always be a potter head
4. This dress would be so much fun to make. I might just buy this pattern for myself.
5. Anything stuffed animals, my mom always wants the really big bears we see at the stores. or a massage, can't ever go wrong with a massage.

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