I had so many things lined up for the blog, but I realized that I had to start being responsible. You would think that after 4 years in college I would learn not to procrastinate my life, but alas, here I am, procrastinating my life again.

I have law school applications that need to be finished and that deserve my undivided attention. Although I love my little blog and my little shop and my craft, I think it's time I put a hold on everything I enjoy doing for the sake of higher education. It's my dream to go to law school, and I have been blessed with the opportunity to chase my dream, whether the Lord wants me to go to law school or not..well, we will see. But for now I am going to try my hardest to focus on finishing applications (to actually pick the schools I want to apply to). 

So you won't see me around here too much until after December, I might post here and there, but I have to be completely honest with myself and with the direction my life is headed. My shop will still be open for anyone who wants to buy anything from me, but I won't be adding new items until after I am done with applications. Which is a bummer because I had a few new linen neckties I am ready to show. 

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Anyway, be patient with me, and wish me luck. :)

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