Holla holla Halloween

About a week ago, my little brother Ivan informed that he wanted to be an ice climber for Halloween. Of course that meant that I had to make his Halloween costume. So on Monday we went to Joann's and bought absolutely everything so that I could make him the blue ice climber costume.

I knew what I was going to do, but I didn't know how time consuming it was going to be. And I needed to have it ready by Friday (yesterday) because we had a branch party at church. 

I'd also promised my other brother, Renato that I'd make him a lemon grab costume.

 I didn't know how I was going to make both costumes before Friday. 

I felt a little overwhelmed but in the end it all worked out. 

So I worked hard all week, and this is what I came up with:

Try to tell me these costumes aren't the most beautiful things you've ever seen and I will punch you in the face. Lol jk. I worked super hard and I think they came out super well. 

I didn't use a pattern to make any part of the ice climber costume. And it was pretty easy to be honest, just time consuming. I found a "tutorial" (though it was lacking in steps and explanation) on how to make the lemon grab head online. 

I'm glad this week is over haha I loved making these for my brothers and I loved seeing their faces as the costumes came together. They seemed happy and that's all that's important. Oh, and I was hipster princess jasmine. Yep

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