Happy September!

I am so excited that it's already September, I feel like I have been waiting for this month for like ever!

I have a treat for you this September.
My dearest Elder Ireland will hit the ONE YEAR mark on the 19th
and to celebrate I am lowering the price of the neckties on my etsy shop from $15 plus shipping to $10 plus shipping! And after September 19th neckties will be $13 plus shipping. 

If you want more fabric options, feel free to email me mariaasews@gmail.com and I will send you more fabric samples. I can also hand embroider a heart on the back with your missionary's name and years of service for $2 dollars, just contact me on etsy and I'll set up a listing for you :) 


For Joey's September necktie, I picked one of the neckties I sell on my etsy shop:

This super awesome handmade gray necktie is perfect and I really think Joe will like it!

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