New Business Cards and this cute Business Card Holder

A few days back I received my new business cards in the mail, designed and printed by my friend Andi over at Silrvark Studios.

I've known Andi since she was 14 (or 15) and she has always been an overachiever (in a good way). She is extremely talented, and every time I need anything design-y done, I always go to her. I would highly recommend her if you need business cards or any type of web design done.

As I was looking at my business cards I thought of all the people I would give one to, and then another thought came to my mind: I need a card holder.

So I went and looked on etsy for some cute business card holders and saw that they were $18. That's a bit expensive for fabric business holders, don't you think?
And then I remembered that I know how to sew and that I even have a blog dedicated to sewing! haha
*face palm*?

They are so easy to make, too.

Mine is pretty crooked, I whipped it up in a few minutes and I didn't even bother to measure.
So that's why it's so not nice looking, if I would have taken a bit more time, it would be more adorable.  

But I guess it doesn't look so bad when you close it. :)

I forgot to mention that the purpose of these business cards are to formalize my business. I'm trying to get a brand going and everything. Hopefully that'll happen in the next few months. As of now, I am still selling handmade neckties and scripture covers over at my etsy shop. You can also email me at mariaasews@gmail.com.

Oh, one last thing: I'm not going to be able to post too often until after October 5th. I have a few important things to do that will be a bit time consuming, I'm excited though. If everything goes well, I will be on my way to making some of my professional goals a reality. So keep me in your prayers! :)

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  1. Maria these are adorable! I really love the colors and that typography is just perfect. I love how your name is written especially!

  2. The cards look awesome, Maria. I believe the design helps with the branding, and yours does that. I love the card holder you made too! The crookedness adds some charm to it. Best of luck with your business!

  3. A humble advocate visiting card sample remains one of the cheapest and one the most effective market tools around. These cards are tangible and tactile and is more impotant than ever to make memorable connection with clients in digital age.

  4. it is a new look post nice one!!! business cards design thanks for sharing..



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