More and More Pleats

Remember when I made a goal of projects I wanted to get done this summer?
And after this post, I will only have 2 more to go!
I'm really psyched that I'm actually going to make all the items on my list. I didn't think I'd go through with it.

The initial idea for this skirt, came from this dress that I found over at the Ruche website a few months ago (no longer available). I couldn't afford to buy the dress so I thought I could make it. And in all reality, I probably can still make it, but I already tried twice and I failed haha.
The bodice was such a pain...
So I decided to stick with the skirt. I like the skirt a lot, anyway.

I figured out how to make the skirt all by myself, I don't even know if you can find a tutorial to make the skirt online, you probably could if you looked it up, but I didn't! It was such a pain that I forgot to document the steps to making it. I didn't come up with a formula either, sorry! 

I also think I am getting better at being photographed. It's still weird but im starting to enjoy it more. I should probably find a better place to take my pictures at though.

I decided that I have a love hate relationship with pleats. I really love the way they look and the way they look on me, but they are such a pain to make. I think I may be done with pleats for a while!



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