Jake Turns 4!

Every single year I make a big deal out of August 14th. All my friends/family probably think I am crazy because I seriously will not stop talking about it.
August 14th is Jake's birthday.
Jake is my dog.

Let me tell you the story of Jake:

Joey and I had been dating for almost a year when we were driving in my parents car on our way back to my home.
I had a feeling that he was going to get me a dog for our anniversary because he had mentioned that the lady's dog where he got his dog from (Lola, jakes sister) was going to have another litter of puppies. But like in the "I might want to get you a dog, are you interested"
 kind of way.
I mentioned that I would love to have a male dog, and then changed the subject of conversation.

When the babies were born, he sent me a picture of this super tiny puppy and I thought they were so adorable.

On our first year anniversary, we exchanged gifts. I gave him two tickets to go see his favorite band in concert (he teared up) and he said that my gift would be ready in 2 months and that he couldn't tell me what it was.

I kept insisting and he finally told me that he had gotten me a dog!

I was so excited!

I waited two whole months to finally have that little dog in my arms. When I went to pick him up I was greeted by a little dog that kept barking at me: that was my little jake :) 

I came home with this:

And that turned into this:

And this:

And today, he is 4:

They grow up too fast.
Until this day, Jake is probably the best gift Joey has ever gotten me, yes yes, even better than my promise ring. I love love LOVE my little Jake.

Happy birthday little Jake!

And hooray for all those who celebrate the lives of their love ones, including their dogs!
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