It's been FIVE years!

Today marks five years since Joe asked me to be his girlfriend. 
I got to spend my day with my family, we went bowling and now I am watching the Disney Channel. We would usually go out to dinner or something, but I am sure he will make up for it when he comes back.

 I figured you'd want to hear our "love" story or the beginning of it, at least.
I'm going to divide it up, it's really not that exciting. But I'll post a bit more about us when he hits his first year in the mission, etc.

I was about to start my senior year of high school and my last season of cross country.
We had summer cross country practice and some new people showed up, one of these new people happened to be this guy by the name of Roman. We became friends and he kept telling me about his friend Joey that was going to come to practice sometime soon.

The school year was about to start and he still hadn't showed up. But for some reason, I was very intrigued by this "Joey" guy, I really wanted to meet him.

Finally, Joey showed up. 
I'm usually a really shy person, but I went up to him, introduced myself and proclaimed that from that day on we would be friends forever (he was seriously creeped out, I could care less). 
Throughout the season, he and I became friends. We would say hi at lunch and shortly after I found out that he was friends with a guy I liked then (he's probably going to hate that I am posting about this, sorry Joe).  I really enjoyed his company and his friendship, so as the season went on, we got to know each other better and became better friends.

After the season was over, I stopped seeing him as often. I would see him while walking to class; he would sneak up on me a gave me a hug, and sometimes I would see him when school ended, but he was wrestling and I didn't really think much of it. We were friends but I didn't feel like I really needed him in my life that much, I guess.
As track season approached, I had to convince him to run track instead of playing baseball and during track season our friendship really grew and we became really good friends. We would just hang out a lot during school and then he started dating a mutual friend on the cross country and track team.  He never acted different toward me, he would still hug me and we'd talk a lot.

After graduation, that summer, we began to text all the time.
He would text me every day to tell me good morning at 1 PM and to talk about what he had been doing during the day while he stayed at his cousin's house in Santa Rosa.

He was still dating that mutual (and former) friend then, and I didn't really think much of our constant texting. Joey was my best friend and it's not like I liked him or anything. I usually gave him advice and told him to be nicer to her and all that good stuff.

 As the summer ended, he send me a text telling me that his girlfriend was mad and that we couldn't be friends anymore. He actually seemed like he was going to stop talking to me and I was really annoyed. We had been talking all summer and for him to just want to drop me for a girl annoyed me.

Well, I eventually replied to all his texts and I can't even remember what I said but a week later, I think, he ended up breaking up with her.

A few days after that, he told me something that I wasn't expecting in a million years.
He straight up told me that he liked me.

All I said was..."well, you're still my best friend."
I was confused.

no way.
But after much pondering, I realized that I liked him too.
I had spent my whole summer hanging out with another guy [again, sorry Joe], but I had also spent my whole summer texting him and getting to know him a lot better, and I really liked him.
So I told him how I felt, and he was so excited. He kept telling me that there is something he really wanted to do and kept sending me smily faces over text message. I asked him what it was, and he said that it needed to be done in person.

On August 23, 2008

He knocked on my door and I answered.

That's when he asked me if I would be his girlfriend.
I said yes.
He was so happy and nervous. I could feel and hear his heart jumping off his chest.
 I was happy too.
But I showed it differently.
To be honest, I was a bit confused. It happened so fast but I was okay with that.

He had to go after that, but we texted back and forth all day and I couldn't get the smile off my face.

If you are wondering how long it took for him to say "I love you,"
he said it after he asked me to be his girlfriend, and I said it right back.
I knew I loved him already, and I am pretty sure that he knew it too.


I never really thought I'd be able to like someone for this long, let alone love.
It's so cheesy, but everyday I love him a little more.
There is no doubt in my mind that I'm going to marry him.
Five years later, I think about this moment and my heart beats fast and I feel a lot of emotions haha
I can't believe we have been together for this long,
I am grateful God put Joey in my life,
it has been a challenging, yet rewarding relationship.
I have seen him grow from a boy to the missionary and man he is today.
I couldn't be more proud of the things he has accomplished in his life and I am very grateful to be a part of it.

I can't wait until we can finally start our lives together.
Until we never have to spend another anniversary apart.

I love Joe!
Happy Anniversary :)

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  1. awesome story. I love it. I'm a sap for love stories and anything to do with them.




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