August, You're a Good Month (and some stuff for my missionary!)

I am so excited that it is finally August.
I love august for so many reason.
But the most important reason is that this month is Joey's and mine 5 year anniversary. 
(is anyone tired of me talking about that yet?)

It also means that I get to show you more ties I've made him!
If you're new here, my boyfriend is serving an LDS mission in Argentina.
And since I sew, I made it my goal to make him a tie each month and each special occasion. 

This month, he gets an August Tie and an Anniversary Tie.
The ties this month are pretty simple. But I think he will like them.

He asked me to make him a blue beanie so I made him a gray beanie cause no one tells me what to do! (jk I just couldn't find the perfect blue fabric, so I went for the gray) 

Enjoy some pictures of his new ties and that gray beanie on the brother's head!

 It's not the best tie I've made, I made it a few months back before I had perfected my technique. But I think he will appreciate it not matter what. :P

You can see the true color of this one in the picture with the embroidery.

Have you sent your missionary any exciting ties lately?

 photo 98492356-fcfc-4ee0-80b4-0e228f18645b.jpg


  1. Gaahh...I'm gonna miss making my boy ties while I'm in FL with no sewing machine access.

    I guess that just means I'll have to order some from you (:

    And that beanie is awesome! Love it!

    1. when i was at byuh i would ask my landlord for her sewing machine so i would be able to make his ties :) thank you!

      oh and MGs get special discounts for ties:)



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