Pleats and Red Chevron.

I've been meaning to show this off for a while now, but I haven't been able to decide on how to wear the outfit. I'm still not in love with the outfit, but it'll do for now.

I saw this super cute chevron skirt on pinterest and knew I had to have it.
I searched all over the internet and found a girl who makes them for $100.
Like, I'm sure she makes quality skirts 
but wasn't about to pay that much for a skirt I could easily make myself.
(it pays to learn how to sew, people!)
So I found this neat tutorial from Melissa Esplin and gave it a try.

You should give it a try, but if you would rather me make it I can totally make you a chevron skirt. Just shoot me an email.
(it will not be $100)

button detail on the side of the skirt.

oh hello crazy hair!

On a different subject;
I went to San Francisco this Saturday to help my bestest friend and roomie for BYUH, Tiffany, find her wedding dress.
Her wedding is in October and I am sad to say she still hasn't found the dress!
It was so fun to catch up after 7 months of not seeing each other.
It really felt like we had never been apart and I loved that. :)
so, Yay for friendships and chevron skirts!



  1. That skirt is so absolutely adorable! I LOVE IT! How much does it cost you to make it!?

    1. Thank you! It really depends on the amount of fabric being used since the fabric is a bit expensive. I don't charge much for labor, but I do charge for shipping. Which is about 2.90

    2. I seriously may need one!!!

  2. Wowzers! You know how to sew. I'm trying to "get back" into sewing, I was never as good as you, (probably never will be) but there is some wonderful sense of accomplishment when a project it finished! :) Oh, and I would say no to a hundred dollar skirt too.



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