On Boomerang.

I've been watching so much Boomerang lately, 
and just two weeks ago I found that they have the original Pokemon on at 3:30 PM.

I'm just really excited.

I am not ashamed to say that I grew up watching Pokemon and that I love it.
I seriously can't ever get sick of it. It's one of those really good childhood memories.

I remember when it was first announced on Cartoon Network and I though, "hey, this looks cool!" 

well, anyway,
the point to this is that, I've been watching it a lot lately and it's made me miss Joey.

Because Joey loves Pokemon too, duh!
aren't we perfect for each other?
yes, yes we are.

Sometimes I miss sitting on the couch and watching cartoons with him.
But it's okay because we get to do that for all eternity when he comes home.
(someone tell me there is pokemon in heaven)

sorry there isn't much excitement on my blog this week,
I didn't really feel like taking pictures of myself ha.

Is there a special TV show from your childhood that you never get tired of watching?


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