And I'll give you this confession...

To be completely honest, I really suck at writing letters to Elder Ireland.
I've gotten so comfortable with dearelder.com
and I always make excuses like, "I don't have money!" "I'm a poor college graduate"
blah blah bluh blah!

But seriously, it's just $1.10
he spends 13 pesos to send me letters.
and even though he misses weeks at a time
when I do get my letters they are worth the wait.

So I made a goal,
that I would write Elder Ireland
2 weeks out of the month
and the other 2 weeks would be dear elders.
That way he gets handwritten letters and gets a ton of dear elders, still.

He always tells me how all the other missionaries get so jealous cause I write him so many of those.
But I think they'd be even more jealous if he got a bunch of handwritten letters.
And I do enjoy the fact that my letter overload makes other missionaries jealous of mine (sorry not sorry) ;)

I've seen a lot of girls on my Instagram with cute envelope tutorials.
It makes me happy to see all the cute stuff MGs come up with for their missionaries.

But did you know I made a tutorial too? 
I while ago, and you can find it here

And while you're making these super cute envelopes, give this song a listen. It inspired my post title.
and if you haven't noticed, I feel sassy today.

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