Summer Project Bucket List

I've been so behind on my sewing due to ties and scripture case orders, which is not a bad thing, but i really miss making stuff for myself. haha

I've had a few projects in mind for a while. So I finally decided that I would get working on them. Here's a little list so you can hold me accountable if I don't end up doing any of them...

1. This super cute dress caught my eye a while ago at the Ruche website. I pretty much love everything they sell, but I never have money to buy anything. I have the fabric for it and everything, just got to get going with this.
2. I have been swooning over the pleats and the fabric of this skirt for a while now. I finally found a place that sells chevron, so hopefully I will be making it soon.
3. I really want this super cute chiffon maxi skirt. I have the fabric, now I just have to get going on it!
4. I am in NEED of a circle skirt. I want a plain black one. Like this one, but longer.
5. I really want a sequin clutch. Not sure where to find the fabric around here, but I might just make a chevron clutch.  Still super cute and less expensive to make.
6. Finally, I would really love to make a quilt. Someone teach me how to quilt.

So, while I find the time to get started on these projects. What are some of your summer plans? :)

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