Ties, lately...

Here are some of the ties I've been working on these past few weeks.

 First, it's the tie I made for my little brother Ivan. He is in a little league baseball team, so when my mom and I saw this fabric, we thought it'd be perfect! He loves it, and I love how it turned out :)

 I made my little brothers matching Peruvian fabric ties (some other projects with this same fabric found here and here). I didn't have enough to make the lines horizontal so I made the ties with the stripes vertically and then it turned out crooked! lame! But it's okay, because they love their ties. :)

I really love the fabric for this tie. I actually made this tie and sold it to someone. I have more of this fabric if someone is interested in buying a tie similar to this one! I really loved how it turned out. It was one of the nicer ties I've made (probably because it was going to be sold haha)

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