Gathered Skirt #2

I made this skirt with the help of my landlord's sewing machine back when I lived in Laie, HI. So many good memories from my time in Hawaii, but that's a story for another time.

Anyway, my mom sent me this beautiful fabric and I was planning on making a gathered skirt with buttons in the front, but then I changed my mind and instead made this:

These are perhaps my favorite skirts to make because they are so easy to make! And just look at how cute it looks! It has an invisible zipper down the back (zippers suck, I'm particularity proud of how good this one turned out). Anyway, I hope you like my little creation. I made it without a pattern. :)

Top: Self Made (Link here) Shoes: Payless


  1. Teach me how to make this skirt! Tutorial please! :)



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