Weekend Round-up and Renato's birthday!

We had such a nice weekend at home watching General Conference!

We did some note taking, candy eating, and food making while we listened to the speakers uplift us by talking about Jesus.

I seriously had the best time ever. I can't even pick my favorite talks, they were all so good. Some speakers that come to mind are President Eyring, Elder Bednar, President Holland, President Monson, and Elder Holland! But really, all the talks were amazing.

In order for the little brothers to concentrate on the talks, I had some games and different activities ready. We had so much fun playing bingo, and guessing the Church's statistics report haha. It was so fun that even jake enjoyed himself. On Sunday we finished off by making an omelet breakfast in between sessions. It was great!

Jake totally wanted to eat my conference bingo candy!


My little brother Renato turns 16 today! I can't believe how old he is! He is such a wonderful kid. I love him very much and I wish him a happy birthday! So happy birthday brotah!

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