The Not So Sad Story of the Lace Cardigan

Two fun facts about me: I love lace. Like seriously love anything that is lace. I can't control myself, I want everything that's made out of lace and I want it now. And, I love cardigans! They are just so comfy and awesome. I pretty much always wear cardigans. So one day I got a good idea, hey I'll make a lace cardigan!

I had seen lace cardigans all over, but I never really liked any that I saw. Or if I did, they were just too darn expensive. So I got the idea of making it by myself. I looked and looked for a cardigan pattern that I would like and but I did not find one.

So finally in July (again JULY) when I bought that flower print fabric from a previous post, I also bought the cutest lace fabric ever. But it was also darn expensive. So I bought about a yard and a half. BIG MISTAKE.

So here is where the sad story begins: about two months ago, I finally decided to make the cardigan. No pattern or anything, I simply traced a pattern from my favorite black cardigan and cut out the pieces. But when I got to the second sleeve, there wasn't enough fabric. So I pushed the project aside for the next month.

When I finally went back to Joann's to buy more of the pretty lace fabric. They had run out. They RAN out. They no longer sold that fabric. Ever. I was so sad. Haha and I was really frustrated with myself for waiting so long to go get more of the fabric.

Here's my face when I found out that I couldn't finish my precious cardigan:

I look awful! But oh well....
The way I saw it, I could do one of two things: make it a short sleeve cardigan or make it a vest. I'm not a big fan of vests so I decided to make a short sleeved lace cardigan.

After I cut it, I was so afraid of what it would look like.

and here's a picture of the end result:

I'm very pleased with the end result. It looks a lot better on. I'm excited to wear it! 



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