I was on a pillow phase a couple of weeks ago and I finally decided that I would post the pillows I've made! I made these all by myself and I just think they are the cutest pillows ever! Enjoy :)

Tree Carving Pillow

So I made a little pillow that has a tree trunk embroidered and a heart in the middle. It's perfect for a missionary girlfriend like me! :) I might eventually add our initials in the middle of the heart, but for now I really love the way it looks.

I broke a kneedle with this one. I am not sure why, the fabric is pretty light weight, maybe I just did something wrong. haha but anyway, here it is:

Here's the finished pillow! 

Cloud Pillow

I've been dying to have/make a cloud pillow for the longest time! I looked everywhere for a tutorial but I couldn't find one. It seemed easy to make, so I decided to give it a go and it turned out great! 

I made it with some mint fabric I had left from a skirt I have been making (but haven't gotten around to finish).

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