Jake's Little Outfit

Just a heads up: if you're one of those people who roll their eyes at owners dressing their pets, them this is not the post for you! But if you can appreciate how cute a dog, my dog, looks in his little outfit, then keep reading. :)

I have a Pomeranian (Pomchi, to be exact) by the name of Jake. He is the sweetest, loudest little doggy ever. And I love him. Unfortunately, little Jakey Jake has hair loss. We still don't know what it's about but he seems to be healthy so I'm not complaining.

Back in January, my family decided that we were going to the snow, and we were taking Jake along with us. Since Jake's a little weenie and his back legs are completely hairless, I thought I'd make him a cute outfit to wear that could keep him warm.

I bought a little pattern from the local Walmart, but unfortunately, I found out that Jake is in between sizes, so I had to do a lot of altering and Jake wasn't having it because I needed him to model.

I messed up a lot, but it ended up looking super cute! I mean, at least my family thought he looked cute. A little fact about Jake: he will only let you dress him up if you tell him how cute he is. As long as you tell him how adorable he is he will let you take pictures of him and dress him up in whatever. He's been like that since he was a puppy. Silly dog. Haha

So here are some pictures of my Jake in the snow. He loves the snow:

I didn't make the jacket hahah But I think he looks adorable in that outfit

Spoiler alert: now that I have figured out how to make doggy clothes, I'm looking to make him a sweet Halloween costume (yes, I dress up my dog and I don't care who knows!). So come October, you will all see what sweetness I come up with! I have recruited my mom to help me with the parts that I can't figure out and it will be the best doggy costume ever.

Other news on Jake:
He got neutered yesterday. The vet said that irregular hormones, or whatever, could be causing his hair loss, so we went ahead and neutered him. I was freaking out and I missed him all day. But he did good. He's such a strong brave little dog! Well, even if the problem isn't fixed, and my dog becomes as a Peruvian hairless dog, I don't care, I'll still think he is the most adorable dog on earth. Look at that face!

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