Blush Crush: Elastic Waist Skirt

I just love this blush colored fabric! It is so pretty. And I was excited about all the pretty clothes I could make with it! That ^^ is what I came up with :)

Pretty much I just got a bunch of fabric and sewed both ends to make a circle, then I folded it in half horizontally and then used elastic on the waist (in between the fabric) and sewed some more. It was easy and the result is adorable. :) ps: I made this without a pattern! Go me!

Here's a little drawing I made! and also some proof as to why I didn't major in Art ;)

Here are some more pictures!

It was so windy. Haha my hair is everywhere.

I wore this cute little outfit this past Sunday. The blouse is from Forever 21.
My hair is so long! I can't even handle it...like in a good way cause i love it!

I love my little necklace. It's a notebook type necklace which says "I love you." You can even turn the page! I call it my MG necklace. I got it from Etsy (I freaking LOVE Etsy!). Here's a link to a similar one! :)

I've worn these shoes for the last 2 dresses. They are just so darn cute and go with everything! I got them at H&M a long time ago. They were a size smaller but I liked them so much I made them fit haha

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