My first blog post!

Yay! I am so excited to finally have a blog somewhat up and running. I have been wanting to show case all my sewing projects for a while now, and Facebook just doesn't do it for me.

So a little about me: I love to sew! My first year at BYUH I took a sewing class and I discovered I was actually pretty good at something other than school ha. I'm still learning though!

Patterns are not my friends. I suck at following patterns, which is why most of the things I make, I figured out how to make by myself! So I guess I'm pretty crafty.

Having said that, I am trying to start using patterns so that I can learn to make new things. Yeah.

I just graduated from BYUH with a Bachelor of Arts in Political Science. There are so many things I want to do, but I just haven't figured it out yet. I guess we will see where life takes me :)

I have a boyfriend, who happens to be on a mission in Argentina! He hasn't even been out for 6 months yet and I miss him terribly but I am so happy he is serving The Lord. I am waiting for him, because I know he is the person I am supposed to be with for eternity.

My family is the best, I love them so much! I have two wonderful parents, two wonderful little brothers and my dog, jake, who might as well be my son. I love that dog!

So this blog is mostly about my adventures in sewing, but it is also about my adventures in life. So, stay a while. I'll be posting about my old projects soon:)

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