A Post About Something Other than Sewing

Sometimes I feel like a blog too much about the things I make. What if I run out of ideas? Then what will become of my little blog? But for some reason, I just don't like talking about myself. I can talk about my awesome brothers, my dog, or my missionary. I could make this a sewing/missionary girlfriend blog but there are already so many of those and I am probably not fitted to advice anyone on how to survive the 2 years without their boyfriend. 

Here's a pic of my family the day the littlest Agurto got baptized

Joey and I before BYUH's winter ball (he came all the way to Hawaii to visit!)

So what do I talk about that's not sewing related? My adventures? Well I have none. I'm just a college grad trying to figure out what to do next. I'm at home and all of my high school friends still haven't graduated college (geez guys! Hurry up! Jk).

But really though, I could just write about my dog. He's adorable. I probably like my dog more than I like most people. 

Say hello to Jake.

I thank those 10 people who look at my blog and who let me share what I love to do with them. Seriously, thank you. 

While I'm taking about me, let me give you some fun facts about myself!
  • Let me state the obvious first: I love to sew. My sewing machine (my mom's sewing machine) is my happy place. 
  • I'm a total DIYer. I want a big craft/sewing room when I get my own house. 
  • I love to journal (I'm such a Mormon)
  • I love to run (but my knees are constantly messing up which doesn't allow me to run much, which I absolutely HATE! Ugh, I hate you knees.)
  • I'm really passionate about everything I do. If I do something, then I'll love it and I will give it my all.
  • I love being Peruvian. Period.
Translation: I didn't choose to be born in Peru, I was simply very lucky. :)

  • I'm a political junky, though I've calmed down. I majored in political science, you see. So it's something I love. I even was the president of a political club at BYUH. I'm so cool.
  • I love shoes. But only if they are heels. Otherwise, I hate shoes. I will rather wear my slippers (sandals) every single day of my life than try to restrict my little toes in sneakers and what not.
  • I want to move to DC so bad. Political capital of America right? Also, the actual capital. Just in case you were wondering.
  • I'm really hoping that by the time I get married, Heavenly Father will bless me with the desire to have kids. Because right now, all I want is a house full of dogs.
  • I love animals so freaking much. I can't even handle it. Especially dogs. ESPECIALLY my dog. I probably like animals more than I like humans.
He will only let you dress him up if you tell him how cute he is. How cute is he?!

  • I love PSYCH! I mean, have you seen the show? It's genius! Along with that, pineapples are my favorite fruit. You know that's right.
Made these special for the recent season premier. 

  • I have a weird sense of humor. It's hard to tell I'm joking if you don't know me. But once you get to know me, I am so funny! Just ask my roommate.
  • I can't even handle my hair. I don't know what to do with it. It's usually down and frizzy. But I've learned to love it.
  • I try so hard to be vintage-y. But my budget will not allow me to follow my vintage dreams.
  • I think my roommate and I went shopping every weekend during college. I knew the inside of the Waikiki Forever 21 like the back of my hand. The one in Ala Moana was so lame, we didn't even bother to go there.
  • I used to be a math junkie in high school. Now ask me how much is 2 plus 2. 5? I'm so embarrassed.
  • I hate pants (again, ask my roommate).
  • I'm a member of the church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. I'm a Christian. I love the Gospel and everything about it.
  • My little brothers are my life. They are perfect in my eyes, and they are the smartest little boys ever (15 and 10, not so little anymore).
Look at us being all sibling like! I love these kids :) 

  • Everyday I am more and more like my mom and I couldn't be prouder. I hope I'm an awesome mother like her some day.
My mom is so pretty! I love her! 

  • My awesome boyfriends name is Joey. I love love that guy. He is serving a mission and he is def worth the wait. We have been together for almost 5 years and it really has been perfect. I can't wait to one day be sealed to him for time and all eternity. It is what I want most in the world. Maybe I'll do one MG post. But later. 
Look at him being all missionary like, I'm so proud! 

This is me, kinda. 


Flower Print Dress

Being an avid pinner (pinterestiner? What?), I constantly find myself starting new projects and forgetting about ones I planned on starting a while ago. This is the case of two of my new projects. One has a happy ending, the other one, not so much. But I'll talk about the happier one today because I have pictures of it and I just feel happy.

I bought this fabric back in July. JULY. What? Yes. And along with that fabric, I bought the Simplicity 3533 pattern, which is the pattern I used to make the following dress.

About 3 weeks ago, I finally decided to get the fabric out of my fabric box but I count find the pattern anywhere! I was really annoyed and anxious because when I really want to finish a project, it's really hard for me to just forget about it. A few days after I started looking, my mom found it! I was happy again, because I could finally make this dress with this super cute fabric.

So I began cutting, and as I was cutting I began to doubt. All the sudden, the fabric looked old ladyish and I didn't know if I was going to like the end result. I am happy to inform that after I was done, I fell in love with the dress. It looked so cute on me. I was so happy that I wore it the next Sunday to church. But that Sunday we had a special stake conference that I knew nothing about, so no one got to see it. And so I decided to wear it again last Sunday. Now everyone could see it :)  I don't think anyone cared, but I cared and I was proud of my creation.

I had to alter the pattern a little so it would hit my knees, and I made it a little more A-line-ish.

The pattern comes with a belt pattern, but I ran out of the fabric (and so did my local Joann's) so I decided to just use one of my own belts. I like it better that way.

So here it is, the dress I wore last Sunday :)  


Ethnic Clutch (and 6 months down!)

Lately, I've been going a little Ethnic (Peruvian) fabric crazy. Mostly due to the fact that I've had a bunch of this fabric for a while now and I haven't found anything to do with it (my mom actually made me a pollera). So I got really excited when I stumbled upon Swellmayde's tutorial.

If you haven't noticed, I find a lot of my inspiration from other blogs. I really suck at making tutorials, so any time I actually do something by myself without anyone else's tutorials, I just can't find a way to explain how I made it. I hope this doesn't sound prideful...but with the little experience in sewing I have, I'm darn good at looking at a picture and figuring out how to make it all by myself. No pattern or anything. I guess I have a gift for that? Well anyways, here is what I made with my beautiful Peruvian fabric:

I guess I could have picked something nicer to wear, but I took these on Sunday, and Sundays are my lazy days.

I decided to go without a button, just because I haven't found the right one. I think I like it better without the button though. It's simple and I love it.

Also, it has officially been 6 months since my boyfriend, Elder Ireland, has been out on the mission field. If you don't know, my boyfriend is serving a mission for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day saints (yes, I'm a Mormon) in Mendoza, Argentina. He will be gone for a total of 2 years, and I'm just so excited that we only have 18 months left. I miss him, but I know what he is doing is awesome. I admire him for his dedication and love to the Gospel. Seriously though, Joey is the best.

Here are some pictures he recently sent me from his adventures in Argentina.


Handmade Ties for Elder Ireland

I've posted before about the Tie A Month project I had for myself when Elder Ireland left for his mission. Ever since he left (September) I have been sending him handmade ties made by yours truly. I love the little tradition I started and I love that every month he has something to look forward to. (I'm also selling ties, if you're interested)

Anyway, here are the ties for these upcoming months. I always like to embroider a little heart on the backs commemorating the month they are meant for:  

I love the colors of the May tie. The colors are a bit darker, because its autumn in Argentina and I wanted something nice that went along with the season. 

The June tie I made with my sweet Peruvian fabric (see previous project here). June is the month of my birthday so I thought, "hey, I'm Peruvian. This fabric is Peruvian. I'll make him a tie that's...me!" Pretty silly, but I think he will love it.

Finally, the July tie is red and blue to commemorate the 4th of July. Joey and I always love watching the fireworks and I'm sure he's going to miss that all the way in Argentina. 

What do you think? :)


Missionary Shoe Bag

Here's another neat idea for a missionary package: a missionary shoe bag. I'm so excited to finish the whole package and send it off to Elder Ireland. I really think he will like all the things I've made for him.

Missionaries...walk a lot. I guess some of them have cars, but Elder Ireland walks to everywhere he goes so I thought it would be a neat idea to make a "worth of soles" (hehe, get it?) themed gift. I would include all sorts of things that can be walking related.

I made the whole thing myself, bag, tie and tag :)

Some ideas of items that can be included in the bag:
  • New socks
  • Foot powder
  • Gel shoe inserts
  • Foot lotion
  • Some type of foot roller
  • Shoe shinning kit

You can also add some talks about the "worth of souls." Just play around with the idea of "soles" I guess.

Here is the finished product!

I made it big enough so that he can fit in a pair of shoes if he wanted to.

I also tried to embroider his name. Came out alright.

What do you think? :)


High low top :)

This week's project was a sweet tutorial I found on one of my favorite blogs. Cotton&Curls is seriously amazing. I love all the things that Liz makes, she is a very talented seamstress and I hope to someday be just as good as her. :)

So I've had this gray knit fabric for a while now, so I decided to give her tutorial a go. Here's the result:

I decided I wanted a longer sleeve, so I used my magical sleeve sewing skills and I made a longer sleeve...ha, anyways. I love it way more with a longer sleeve!

Here's how the front looks:

I really suck at taking pictures of myself. I'm not very photogenic. Maybe someday I'll be....

Oh, and I'm having a fabulous hair day today!


Tutorial: make your own hand warmers!

I had been looking for package ideas and I came across a neat idea! It's going to be winter in Argentina soon (and even though I don't know how cold the winters in Argentina are...) I decided to make some neat little hand warmers for my missionary's pockets! They are so cute!

So here is what you will need:
1. Fabric such as fleece or whatever scraps you have laying around.
2. Paper
3. Rice
4. A sewing machine
5. Scissors

1. You cut out your design on paper: I cut out some cute little mittens and a heart!
2. Then you trace the paper shape over some fabric and you cut that out. You will need two shape cutouts
3. Then you place the fabric, wrong sides together and you sew it along. Make sure to leave a small opening to insert the rice.
4. And then your make a paper cone and insert rice.
5. Sew together the hole and now you have this....

Aren't they so cute? I think he will love it :)
Just pop them in the microwave for 30 secs - 1 min and you have warm hands for up to 30 mins :)


Some older projects

Here 2 of my very first projects:

The dress is my sewing class project. I made the little cardigan thing too. I love the color and the way it turned out:)

I made the apron for my friend Lexie! I think she liked it, that's what she said at least. I wonder if she still uses it. Does she think of me when she uses it? I wonder.


Tutorial: Chalkboard Frame

Have you ever seen those really cool family home evening boards they sell at LDS bookstores? Well for the longest time we didn't have a family home evening board and my mom and I always said we'd go back and buy one someday, but we never really got around to it.

So I decided to make one! You can pretty much do the same thing for any type of chalkboard frame.
All you need is:

  • An Old Frame
  • Chalk Paint (You can find it at Walmart for less than $6). I used spray paint.
  • Paint of any color (if you want to change the color of the frame)

It's really easy to make. All you do is spray paint the glass of the frame (I did like 3 coats of paint) and then you just wait for it to dry and then you have a chalkboard frame! If you want, you can paint the frame a different color. But I liked the color of this one so I didn't change the color. It does take forever to dry, so try to be patient.

Here's the finished product:

Mine is in Spanish because, well, we speak Spanish in our house (being from Peru and all). It didn't turn out as awesome as others I have seen, but it's pretty useful.


Elder Ireland's missionary stocking!

A while back, I found this neat little missionary stocking on Pinterest:
I was so excited about it that I searched the web for a way to make it. Unfortunately, I was unable to find a tutorial, so as Christmas approached I decided to try to figure it out by myself (after all, how hard could it be to make a stocking, right?)

So this is what I came up with:

I used one of my little brother's old dress shirt and I made the little tie from some left over fabric. 

I made the little tag in Spanish because he is serving in Argentina. I found a cool template for missionary tags by clicking here.

This is definitely the perfect gift for any missionary. Joey loved it and I am looking forward to making more when my little brothers go on their missions! 


My first blog post!

Yay! I am so excited to finally have a blog somewhat up and running. I have been wanting to show case all my sewing projects for a while now, and Facebook just doesn't do it for me.

So a little about me: I love to sew! My first year at BYUH I took a sewing class and I discovered I was actually pretty good at something other than school ha. I'm still learning though!

Patterns are not my friends. I suck at following patterns, which is why most of the things I make, I figured out how to make by myself! So I guess I'm pretty crafty.

Having said that, I am trying to start using patterns so that I can learn to make new things. Yeah.

I just graduated from BYUH with a Bachelor of Arts in Political Science. There are so many things I want to do, but I just haven't figured it out yet. I guess we will see where life takes me :)

I have a boyfriend, who happens to be on a mission in Argentina! He hasn't even been out for 6 months yet and I miss him terribly but I am so happy he is serving The Lord. I am waiting for him, because I know he is the person I am supposed to be with for eternity.

My family is the best, I love them so much! I have two wonderful parents, two wonderful little brothers and my dog, jake, who might as well be my son. I love that dog!

So this blog is mostly about my adventures in sewing, but it is also about my adventures in life. So, stay a while. I'll be posting about my old projects soon:)


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